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Who goes there? sample site stats Who goes there? is perfect for any web site administrator, designer, Web Presence Provider, Internet Service Provider or Corporation that needs Live statistics reporting 24 hours a day 7 days a week. Who goes there? is an easy to use Active Server Page integrated development environment which allows you to track specific information about a visitor to your site. The tool autogenerates a report page, administration page, and a server side include file to use within any ASP file to easily track hits to that page. The password protected administration page allows you to reset the statistics to your site via a web browser. Also, each tracked page has an administration feature which prevents administrator's hits from tainting the results.

Who goes there? is supported under Window 95, Windows 98, or Windows NT. It is recommended but not required that the development machine have Microsoft Personal Web Server, or Internet Information Server 3-4 with Active Server Pages installed to reap the full advantages of the environment.

Click image for a live stat report generated by "Who goes there?"

Generate site stats detailing a visitor's
    Hit count to a specific page
    Browser type
    Operating System
    Client machine's screen resolution (target your site design for user's with larger displays)
    Client machine's color support (target different client video color depths)
    Advertisement that referred the visitor to your site (find out if your ads are paying off!)
    Browser file-type acceptance (files types supported by visitor's browser)
    Visitor's IP address
    Forwarding proxy server (if visitor is behind a business firewall)

...and much more as well as unlimited support!

  Download a free trial demo of "Who goes there?", or register today for the complete product.

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